NonFiction for Fiction Lovers

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve had a lot of books to read and I wanted to make sure I had some good stuff before I posted again.

I’ve talked about this book before, but not on this blog-so I’m going to do a recap. I love this book so much, as it’s one of the few nonfiction books I’ve read and truly enjoyed. It is a book by Thomas C. Foster called, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, and it’s one of my favorites. I have firmly cemented my nerd status not just from reading this book, but from rereading it, and taking notes on my favorite chapters. The argument for the reclaiming of the word ‘nerd’ will have to be a later post, suffice it to say I am very happy being a nerd.

It’s full of helpful tips for a fuller reading experience, but you don’t get bogged down with information from tons of stories you haven’t read yet. Foster understands that we haven’t read everything, and makes connections between stories and literary ideas easy. You don’t have to kill yourself trying to read every book ever written.

Some of his tips are simple like: flight is freedom. Others take more time to grasp and implement in your own reading. My favorite chapter is on Vampires. At first I thought he would just be talking about the phenomenon in books today with vampires around every corner. But, in the end he makes and argument for a vampiric personality-someone that takes everything you have and leaves you for dead. He doesn’t do the killing, but they are basically forcing you to die by taking everything you have to give. I’m not as eloquent as Foster, but it was very enlightening, and I found myself looking for vampires in classic literature.

If you’ve never checked out Foster you should, but if Classic Literature isn’t your thing that’s okay he has another book called, How to Read Novels Like a Professor, which I bought and placed on my to-read pile.

Words to Live by when picking your next book.

Words to Live by when picking your next book.

P.S. I’m going white water rafting this weekend so be prepared for some dystopian/post apocalyptic debate next week!

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