Poetry or Song Lyrics?

I know it’s been a long while, but October is my birthday month so I’m gonna ask for a little grace. Thanks for being so understanding. Onto writing…

I have this theory that everyone likes poetry (although most would disagree) they just don’t know it. There are a lot of people who see poetry in everyday things in life, and I enjoy traditional poetry, but my favorite kind of poetry are found in my favorite songs. dda495fac58046465ce3a1a2ed1def31The thing about poetry is that it is not easily defined. Poems can be long, or short, it can rhyme, or have an anti-rhyme, it can be written or spoken, and it can talk about emotions or just trees. So poetry itself is hard to define, and the things one person loves in a poem might be very different from what another likes to read. To me I think the best poems have a lyrical quality so that even while reading them they flow and almost sing. It would make sense that lyrics that are turned into music make good songs. 

Now I will say that I like a good dance song with a beat and unintelligible words to dance to as much as the next person. I love making up words to sing along to, but those songs are just fun. My favorite songs are the ones will beautiful words that tell a story or make me feel an emotion. Most people like love songs and most of those are just poetry that we can sing along to. I’m no music snob, but I like finding songs by artists people have never heard of, and I like finding poetry in my music. I believe there is a reason why we listen to songs when we are sad or angry or frustrated or lonely. We are searching for other people who feel the same way. Someone else who understands their why their heart is broken and the pain they feel.

As I’ve gotten older and been in charge of my music choices I have gravitated more to singers who write their own songs than just to artists who can sing and dance. I like the way a singer’s voice warbles through a hard-line, because the words they are saying mean something to them. It’s easy to be an artist who shops around for songs and relies on the poetic talents of others. It takes a lot of work to make a poem into a song. It important to realize that just because I think songs are poetry doesn’t mean I like every song just like I don’t like every poem. But maybe the next time you are listening to your favorite song you’ll think about the poetry and maybe you’ll have a greater appreciation for the artist. Florence and the Machine

I would take forever to list all my favorite artists, but I here are some to get you started: Gavin Degraw, Kelly Clarkson, Wakey!Wakey!, Florence and the Machine, Ron Pope, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, and Parachute.

What are some of your favorite poetic songs or artists?

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