Gossip Girl Post-Mortem: The Message It Sent and Why It Matters

I know it’s been a while since Gossip Girl ended, but this article is brilliant.


Gossip Girl is evil.
I’m not kidding. Gossip Girl thankfully ended it’s six year run last night and solidified itself as one of the top 10 things that epitomize everything wrong with the world. Some will think me hyperbolic, some irrational or silly because it’s just a silly guilty pleasure teen show, right?

Here’s why it matters. I started this blog because I don’t believe that any form of media exists simply for brainless consumption. Even if that is the intention of the creators, once it exists in society, if it is popular at all, it is influential. Gossip Girl became a pop-culture phenomenon right off the bat and even as it plummeted in popularity and quality, its stamp on media culture has been prominent and therefore cannot be swept under the rug nor taken lightly.

Not to mention the fact that as I’ve gotten older (23, ahh!) I’ve become…

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