Thanksgiving and Other Things

So this is the part where I talk about what I’m most thankful for this year, and honestly there are a lot of things. I’m thankful that I’ve graduated college, and even though I don’t know what exactly I plan on doing the rest of my life I know there is a plan. And I’m so thankful to my parents for supporting me while I figure out what that is, and encouraging me to find what I’m best at. I’m thankful for my friends. The relationships that survived college now that I’m back home and the college friendships that lasted beyond papers and parties. I’m very thankful for this blog for giving me something to do with my creativity until I can find a larger outlet for it. And I’m very thankful for a new opportunity that has recently come my way. I have become a writer for a popular new website: Literally, Darling. 

c5ef6e6ed982216cff6d04493c9cb036_normalIf you don’t know it you should definitely check it out You can check out all my articles by following this link: but I would encourage you to check out the whole site. If you think this means that I will have less time to post on here you might be right, but I will try my hardest to have new content for you every week, but in the meantime head over to Literally, Darling and see what it has in store.

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